About Our Programs

Youth Education Service's mission is to provide opportunities for every youth to succeed. There are many services offered to accommodate every student.

Because Youth Education Service believes in meeting the individual demands or needs of youth, the method of services are rather broad. We provide personalized tutoring, homework help, test prep, project help,variety of workshops, along with many physical fitness programs, such as personal youth fitness training, youth yoga, youth cardio kickboxing and youth zumba. However, one of the main services offered is a curriculum that we developed by combining education and fitness together. It accommodates the students that need to be moving while learning. We combined the core subject material in Math, English, Science, History, etc. with a fitness program, so the student is participating in physical fitness while learning . It has a dual purpose of enhancing a student mentally and physically.

Students result in performing better academically while getting healthier physically. Research has proven that we absorb better mentally, when we are physically active. It helps a student to stay engaged and on task better. We provide a visual- I flash learning material on a projector screen, so they see it, they feel it- because there's movement with it, and they hear it as we recite the material.

In addition to programs offered to students after school, during holiday breaks, and summers, we have recently added an 'Alternative Learning', Homeschooling Program. This is a K-12th grade program, using the A BEKA curriculum, which is a recommended accredited curriculum with a high success rate. This program accommodates the youth that may need a smaller classroom setting or more individualized assistance to have better performance academically.

Because everyone learns differently, we respect that by striving to provide the different learning methods, in a positive atmosphere conducive to learning. This enables youth to grow into strong, positive, productive adults. The common question asked by parents is, "can you help my child?" The answer is, not only, "yes, we can", but "yes, we will"!